By these ways we could keep our child eyes healthy

This is the age of gadgets and there are many gadgets present around us. Few examples of gadgets are smart phones, tablets, portable games etc. Parents give gadgets to their kids to pacify them is known. It is worthy to note that technology has got many drawbacks also though it might make a kid happy. The vision of the child gets damaged by the radiations from smart phones, tablets, laptop screens etc. There are few issues about which kids could complain and these are itchiness in the eyes, inability to read the board in classrooms, squinting and persistent headache etc.
These ways are effective to keep the child’s eyes healthy.
By encouraging outdoor activities:
This is one of the most important ways that could help the kid eyesight to be healthy. These days the kids do not go out and play but sit in the rooms and use smart phones, laptops etc.  When the child goes out the light present outside not only protect the child’s vision but also make the child to get adapted to nature and healthy lifestyle.
By providing healthy food:
Eyes need proper nutrition just like the other body parts. It is important that the child must be given foods rich in zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids etc. Hence the diet of the kid must be filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, fishes etc. Eye vitamins must be given to kids who have got with poor vision from birth.
By ensuring regular eye check- ups:
During childhood, regular health as well as eye check-ups are essential. There are few eye issues that do not show symptoms. Regular visits to an eye doctor could solve eye issues in the kids as these eye issues could be identified early and treated.
By providing visually stimulating toys:
Visual development and enhancing motor and eye-hand coordination is very important in the kids. There are few visually stimulating toys that could be given to the kids. Examples are modelling clay, puzzles, building blocks etc.
By proper care of injuries:
Taking proper care when the child injures his/her eyes is important for the parents. By this the eyes of the kids could be kept healthy.
By making sure the kids are clean:
Cleanliness is very important in our lives. It is very important that parents must make their kids wash their hands regularly. There are many germs present in the hands of kids and when kids touch their eyes with their hands then these germs would enter their eyes creating issues.
By making the kids to sleep well:
Sleeping well not only makes our body healthy but also the eyes. So parents must make sure that their kids sleep well. By sleeping well the child’s vision is kept clear and their eye health gets improved.