Cautious Tips : These are the various side effects of fasting which we might not know

People who are obese try different ways to reduce their weights. Fasting is one such way that is followed by many these days to reduce their excess weight. It is defined as willing abstinence from some or all food, drink for a period of time. This fasting might prove to be successful in weight reduction process but not many are aware that fasting could lead to few health issues in us. During fasting it is important to consume fruits and drinks so that our body gets adequate nutrition. Immune system becomes weak and it could lead to many diseases when we do excessive fasting.
There are few side effects of fasting which we must know. These are
Dehydration is us:
Intake of water is essential for our body to stay hydrated. During fasting people avoid consuming water also. This causes dehydration in us. Dehydration could result in constipation and diarrhoea also. There is a greater risk of many issues when we are dehydrated. During fasting adequate amount of water must be consumed by us so that we stay healthy.
Anaemia, kidney issues occurs:
Our immune system must be healthy to avoid many diseases attacking us. By fasting our immune system becomes weak and it results in anaemia, kidney related issues etc in us.
Heart diseases and strokes occur:
Heart is an important organ in us and great care must be taken so that this heart is healthy. This fasting could result in the reduction of metabolism in us and thereby it increases the risk of heart diseases and strokes in us.
Low energy:
It is known that energy is needed for us to be active and fasting leads to lower energy and weakness. This is also one side effect of fasting.
Headaches and cramps in the muscles etc:
There are many issues like headaches, muscle cramps, nausea etc affecting persons during fasting. This is due to the fact that fasting weakens many parts of the body.
Mineral and vitamin deficiency in us:
People who do fasting do not consume food, water etc is known. This could result in the body not getting required minerals, vitamins etc and many health issues take place.