Cleaning Tips – How to clean a car with domestic items?

Cleaning your car with household materials is not that easy as you may imagine. Any kind of wrong treatment or chemical can permanently damage the appearance of the efficiency of your vehicle. So it is a must to choose carefully the materials and household things for cleaning the car within the range of domestic usages.
It is always advisable to use a microfiber cloth to wipe off dust or impurities from the exterior metal of your car. Any kind of rough cloth and harsh handing can create scratches and permanent damages to the outer shield.
Cleaning with the household things can be very effective in terms of economy and time-saving. With this strategy you can easily clean the interior and exterior portions of your vehicle.
Baking Soda, Bucket with water, Microfiber towel and Garden Hose are the basic things you need to clean your car. Mix the water with baking soda and apply the solution all through the interior and exterior of the vehicle gently with the help of soft microfiber cloth and garden hose. Then rinse away the wet portions using another microfiber cloth. This will remove all the dirt and debris etched along with the car. Never dry clean the car as it may dull the original color of your vehicle.
With a help of a brush dust away all the wet solution in the final stages of the cleaning. Also a sponge can be used to wipe away debris and impurities formed in the exteriors of the car especially in tyres. Soak the sponge in the solution of water mixed with car shampoo. Rub it gently all over the exterior including tyres. Wait for sometimes until the hard dust particles gets loosened for effective cleaning.
Vinegar is another domestic item to use in the process of in-house car washing techniques. With a help of a spray bottle apply the vinegar water solution all through the exterior and interior cleaning portions. Wipe away the interior portions such as dash, center console and interior windows with clean damp cloth. Abrasive effects can damage the color of the car and so carefully chose the cloth material that wipes off dust with the soft absorption quality.
For cigarette or beverage stains take an onion and lemon juice, soak the onion in the and gently rub the stain. The strong acid present in the onion will react along with the stain to loosen the density. Now gently wipe off the stain with a soft microfiber wet cloth. This will be effective in all kinds of stains especially after a long travel.
Heavy duty stains can be easily wiped off with the help of dish soap mixed with one cup of club soda. Add some white vinegar to the solution and spray it on the stains. Wipe off the stain with the help of a brush.
Place some dryer sheets under the floor mats, seats and storage pockets to freshen the air and create a ventilation.