Do you know these things about the shortness of breath in us?

Breathing is very important for all of us and without breathing we would not be able to survive is known to us. In our lives sometimes we find it very difficult to breathe properly. This shortness of breath or feeling difficult to breathe properly could take place in us after heavy exercise or after doing laborious work. We feel that we don’t get proper supply of oxygen and this is normal. There are times in our lives when without doing any laborious or tedious work we have shortness of breath. This is a serious issue and must not be taken lightly by us. The shortness of breath is also called as dyspnea. This shortness of breath could be due to lung and heart conditions in us.
There are many factors that could create this shortness of breath and these are
Asthma is one issue that affects many these days. This shortness of breath is a sign or symptom of asthma. This asthma issue could also lead to uneasiness, coughing, chest tightening etc.
When the total amount of RBC’s or haemoglobin decreases in our blood, then the condition is termed as anaemia. The various symptoms of this issue are tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath etc. Decrease of iron could cause anaemia.
Choking takes place when food particle gets struck up inside our throat. This might be a serious issue as it could even kill us if not treated properly. During choking we would find it difficult to breathe properly or shortness of breath occurs.
Sometimes small air sacs or alveoli in our lungs get affected and this inflammatory condition is known as pneumonia. Both virus as well as bacteria could cause pneumonia. People with this issue would have dry cough, chest pain. They would also have shortness of breath issue in them.
Lung cancer:
Lung cancer is very dangerous and it kills many people these days. This shortness of breath is seen in people who have lung cancer in them. It could be due to the tumour itself or due to an underlying lung disease also.
These changes in our lifestyle could prevent this shortness of breath in us.
  • By quitting smoking,
  • By avoiding getting exposed to the allergens, pollutants etc,
  • By reducing the weight when we have excess weight,
  • By eating well and sleeping well and being healthy,
  • By following the recommended treatment plan for issues like asthma, bronchitis etc.