Healthy Tips – These home remedies to get rid cavities in the teeth are very effective

One of the common oral health problems is the presence of cavities. It is said that cavities along with tooth decay could occur in anybody. A tiny hole in the teeth that could result in decay of teeth is cavity. This cavity is due to the bacteria on the teeth surface. A plaque is formed by bacteria and this plaque is sticky in nature. The acid released by the plaque removes all the minerals present on the enamel of the teeth. As a result of this tiny holes are caused in the enamel. Our teeth must be brushed twice everyday once after getting up from the bed and once before going to sleep.
There are few home remedies that could be used get rid of this cavity issue effectively. They are
Fluoride mouthwash:
This is one superb home remedy to treat this issue in us. Minerals in the teeth get restored by the fluoride. It is important to mention that lack of minerals is responsible for tooth decay and fluoride mouth wash would be very effective.
Apart from being used in many dishes clove is also superb in treating cavities in us. The antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties of clove could reduce the pain plus prevent spreading of the cavities also.
It is well known that intake of garlic provides many health benefits for us. Our oral health gets improved by garlic. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic are fabulous. Pain gets reduced.
Bone broth:
By boiling the bones of healthy animals mixed with vegetables bone broth is got. The presence of fats, vitamins and minerals in bone broth does superb work and our health is maintained well. The cavities from our teeth are removed by calcium and magnesium in bone broth.
To treat any oral health issue in us, salt water is amazing and is the most common home remedy. Stickiness from the cavities is removed and mouth is kept free from bacteria by the salt water. Neutralization of the pH level in our mouth is done by the salt present in water.
Oil pulling:
This is also a superb way for getting rid of this issue in us. In this vegetable oil like coconut oil or olive oil is taken inside our mouth and mouth is rinsed for a time of 5 to 10 minutes. By doing this the bacteria is pulled out of the mouth.
Cavities could be got rid off by using lemon also. It is said that the acid present in lemon juice kills the germs and reduces the pain due to cavities. In the first step lemon is taken and kept in the mouth. Then it is chewed well and finally mouth is rinsed with water.
Egg shell:
After consuming eggs it is usual that we throw the shell away. Not many know that egg shell could be used to get rid of cavities issue. The calcium carbonate in the egg shell plays a huge role by removing the decay. Refilling of mineral back in the enamel is carried out well.