Low-pressure zone formed – prospects of rain in Tamil Nadu

A low-pressure format has developed over the northwest part of Bay of Bengal. The Weather Bureau has informed that due to this low-pressure zone, there are prospects of widespread rains in Tamil Nadu.
The southwest monsoon seasonal rain is prevailing at the Northeastern states and Andhra and Telangana. Due to this, a low-pressure zone has formed over the northwest Bay of Bengal. Though the prospects of this low-pressure format to intensify are not bright, the weather bureau has warned that there are prospects of widespread heavy rains in the northern districts of Andhra, Telangana, Odisha, and the northeastern states of the country.
It has been estimated that due to the low-pressure format, there are prospects of mild rain in a few places in the northern coastal areas of Tamil Nadu or the weather remain cloudy.
As strong winds are blowing from the Arabian Sea from the west, the Chennai Meteorological Centre has informed that there are prospects of heavy rain in a few places in the southern Tamil Nadu districts and places adjacent to the mountain range.