Signs of slipped disc in our lower back must not be avoided

These days we come across many persons having pain in their lower back, spine and with bad neck pain etc. These persons have in them what is known as slipped disc. This slipped disc is also known as herniated disc. It is said that many persons affected with this issue do not know it until persistent symptoms appear in them.
In this health issue the cartilaginous disc present between vertebrae in the spine gets displaced or protruding. This would press on the nerves present nearby and would lead to excessive pain in our back.
These below mentioned signs of slipped disc in our lower back must be considered seriously and must not be ignored.
Pain in our arms or legs It must be noted that the disc could slip anywhere along the length of our spine. Pain would be felt not only on the lower back but also in the arms and legs. So do not neglect if there is any pain in your arms and legs.
One side of our body is cold – This is also another important sign in those persons having slipped disc issue. Numbness plus pain as burning or coldness felt on one side of our body are signs of this issue
Numbness and pain in our hands – This is one important sign we must take into account for this issue of slipped disc in us. Numbness and pain in our fingers indicate that our cervical spine is in problem. It is said that the area in our body where the symptoms we are we experiencing would give us a clue from where the problem is arising from in our spine.
Numbness and pain in our feet – It is revealed that when a slipped disc in our lower back presses our sciatic nerve we could get sciatica in us. Numbness and severe pain would be present in our legs.
Pain during laughing and other activities – Sometimes we face difficulties while laughing or sneezing or coughing. These activities put great pressure on our abdomen and could reverberate to our back. It is said that when this happens the persons are said to have this slipped disc issue in them.
Worst pain felt in certain positions – This is also one important sign in those with slipped disc issue. Persons with slipped disc would find it tough to bend or stretch their bodies. This must be avoided totally.