These are the various eye problems we get due to diabetes in us

Many people suffer from diabetes issue in them. It is defined as a group of metabolic disorder where high levels of glucose are present over prolonged periods of time. There are few symptoms that are observed in people with diabetes issue and these symptoms are increased thirst, frequent urination, increased hunger etc. The shocking fact is diabetes could also create many eye issues in us.
These are the different eye issues that occur in us be due to diabetes issue.
Causes vision to be blurred:
When people get blurred vision the first thing they do is they get tested for a pair of glasses. It is said that by this the symptoms gets treated but not the cause. High blood sugar levels are responsible for this blurred vision. So it is important to check the blood sugar levels when we get blurred vision issue.
Causes cataracts:
People having diabetes issue in them could get cataract earlier. The lens in the eyes allows our eyes to focus on an image. When clear lens in our eyes gets clouded with debris then cataracts are formed.
Causes glaucoma:
This is also one major issue in the eye and many people with diabetes suffer from glaucoma issue. It is important to mention that pressure builds up inside the eyes when fluid cannot drain easily. This could lead to damage of nerves and blood vessels and finally to changes in the vision of a person. It must be noted that open angle glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma.
Causes diabetic retinopathy:
The high blood sugar levels could cause damage to the small blood vessels in the retina (group of cells on the back of eyes that take in light). This is diabetic retinopathy. The shocking piece of information is if this issue is not diagnosed early then it could result in blindness.