‘Thupparivaalan’ Initial Report: Detective film is worth to watch

Vishal starrer and Mysskin directed Thupparivaalan getting good reviews as per initial reports.

Mysskin is back with yet another crime thriller with Thupparivaalan and this time he chooses an action hero as his lead. Not only Vishal, the film is packed with stars like K Bhagyaraj, Prasanna, Vinay, Simran, Andrea, Anu Emmanuel and others.

Thupparivaalan takes its own time to establish characters and initial screenplay flow to the core plot. Once the director sets everything, there is no looking back and he completely makes us glued to our seats to watch this edge of the seat action thriller.

Vishal lived like a detective, his quirky mannerisms, dialogue delivery, body language and effortless stunts convince us that no other Tamil actor could’ve pulled off Kaniyan Poongundran like Vishal.

Bhagyaraj gets to don a completely different role to what we have seen him do over the years, and he has one or two scoring situations to showcase his talent. Prasanna as Vishal’s friend comes throughout the film and has supported the lead well. Actors like Simran, Jayaprakash and Aadukalam Naren come and go to infuse tension elements to the script.

Thupparivaalan‘s another biggest strength is Arrol Corelli ‘s impressive background score and Karthik Venkatraman’s cinematography is brilliant in action sequences.

Overall, we recommend Thupparivaalan . It’s a solid watch for this weekend and enjoy..