Tips – Excess intake of Indian gooseberry could lead to many issues

Most of us would have come across a greenish yellow coloured spherical fruit with 6 vertical stripes or furrows. This is Amla or Indian gooseberry fruit belonging to the family called Phyllanthaceae.
It is well known that this amla is used in all types of ayurvedic medicines and both dried as well as fresh forms of amla plays important role. Amla has been used to treat diseases since the ancient times. It is brought out that this amla should not be consumed by those who have issues like low haemoglobin levels in them. People who are on any kind of anticoagulant medications should avoid this fruit totally. Intake of amla provides us many health benefits like improved immunity, strength, cures mouth ulcers, controls diabetes etc. Many of us do not know that excessive consumption of amla or Indian gooseberry could lead to many health problems.
These are the side effects of excess intake of Indian gooseberry or amla.
Bleeding is increased:
This is one important side effect of having too much amla. Those persons who are on medications like ibuprofen, asprin and heparin etc must avoid this amla fruit intake as it could reduce the platelet aggregation by 36%. Bleeding would be more in those persons.
Causes hyperacidity:
The acidic nature of amla is because of presence of vitamin C in it. For the purpose of detoxification, this fruit amla is consumed in empty stomach. This could result in the acidity and could lead to stomach upset etc. It is said that those persons who have got history of hyperacidity or sensitive to vitamin C must avoid taking amla.
The presence of fibres in amla plays an important role in treating issues like diarrhoea etc. If this fruit is consumed in excess then it could lead to bulking of stools. To prevent constipation, water along with dried amla juice or amla powder must be taken.
BP is increased:
Intake of amla pickles etc must be avoided by those having hypertension or renal issues. Kidneys ability to remove water gets reduced by intake of salt. This could result in too much of pressure on kidneys and extra fluid. Finally BP or blood pressure increases in us.
Cold gets worsened:
The symptoms of cold get worsened by the intake of amla in the form of fruit or powder. When amla is consumed by mixing with honey then it could cure the cold issue.
Burning sensation while urinating:
When Indian gooseberry or amla is consumed in excess then burning sensation occurs in that person. The urine would be cloudy and foul smelling also. So be careful.
Sudden weight loss:
High intake of amla could trigger the excessive loss of water from the body. This is mainly due to the diuretic nature of amla. There would be rapid loss in the weight within few weeks of consuming amla. Frequent urination is the reason for loss of weight.
Allergies occur:
People who are allergic to amla would have issues like stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, headaches, itchy skin etc in them. So avoid consuming amla totalllly.