Safety Tips – Why is it always safe to wear seat belt while traveling?

One of the essential safety device in any car is seat belt which is mostly underrated and not used properly in Indian road conditions. Due to compromising safety rules and regulations for four wheelers the use of the seat belt is overlooked most of the times by the traffic authorities.
But the seat belts or safety belts are the only tool to save your life in the god forbidden time of collision or major accidents. Towards the middle of the twentieth century the auto industry devised many plans to ensure safety for driving four wheelers. In those times the car accident deaths were mainly caused as the result people in the car hitting the steering wheel or other internal parts of the car during a sudden collision. In order to resolve the issue the car manufacturers implemented the safety belts method to resist the forward impact or jerk of the drivers and fellow travelers in a car.
The force of inertia is the basic physics applicable for the four wheeler impact and the collision effect in an accident. When a car moves at a given speed the passengers also move in the same speed. The sudden collision of the car may halt the vehicle causing the entire force to act on the passengers bodies making them move forward on a high speed. This can lead to striking of the Passengers body in the internal parts of the car causing fatal injuries. With the help of seat belts this movement of inertia can be stopped ensuring the passengers retaining the seated position even on a dangerous collision.
Main Advantages:
  • Reduces the secondary impact of the passengers during an accident.
  • With the seated position fixed with the belts the air bag can work for the maximum efficiency while having a sudden impact.
  • Reduces the roll over effects of the passengers if the car is tilted down on a force in the times of sudden collision.
Three point type:
The most effective safety belts are always three point belts which has a lap belt and shoulder belt. The body of the vehicle as a whole supports this system of holding the passengers effectively retaining them in the same positions during an impact or sudden break. The force created during the sudden collision is equally distributed in all sharp weightage points of the three point type belts safeguarding the passengers’ life.