Two days strike by bank employees from 30th May

Government Bank Employees decided to go on 48 hours strike from 6am May 30 to till 6am, June 1. The strike was the result of Indian Banks Association (IBA) not fulfilling the demands requested by the Government Bank Employees. Governor of Ludhiana unit of United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), Naresh Gaur confirmed this strike on Wednesday and informed about the massive demonstrations of the demands they requested, happening outside SBI, Fountain Chowk.
According to the President of Punjab Bank Employees Federation (Ludhiana), the strike was unavoidable as the demands are long pending for further verification and processing of the approval. IBA delaying the events of considering the welfare of the bank employees depriving all the rights. Wage revision is one of the main demands and only 2 percent hike has been granted by IBA. Opposing this minimal hike and further revision Bank employees decided against the regular operation of banks and to go for two days strike.
Improvement in other service conditioning and wages increase are the main demands submitted by the bank employees. The wage revision must be applicable in all levels up to Scale 7 officers.
There are numerous criticism striking the economical degradation of whole nation after demonetization and G.S.T imposition.  Now the banks going for strike will further disturb the livelihood of huge population. But the Bank employees justify their decision by stating the delay from IBA in recognizing the demands and the only way to sort out the issue is to go for a strike.