Healthy Tips – 5 Food items that must be taken by women

The nutrition experts and doctors recommend 5 food items that all women including the women on diet control as detailed here:
Greens – Without including greens in your regular diet, you will not get the required nutrition for your system. So, remember that you must include the variety of greens in your diet including spinach, broad beans green, fenugreek greens, etc. They are rich in Vitamins C. K, and Folic acid, They are great for good eyesight. Further, they also contain Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Potassium which are essential nutrients. They are extremely useful for good health.
Full grains – Full grains contain up to 96% fibre content and also essential nutrients and vitamins. These do not contribute to an increase in the body weight. So they can be taken regularly without the anxiety of putting on weight.
Nuts – Rich nuts like Almond and Cashew must be included in your regular diet. Full grains are rich in fibre content up to 96%. They are also rich in protein, Magnesium, and Vitamins B and E. They can be included as a part of the morning breakfast salad item or mixed with curd and taken. They have the property to resist heart attack and cancer. They also contain fat calories – but this harmless fat helps the heart to be in good condition They can also be taken as a part of the evening snack with coffee or tea. However, it should be taken only in limited quantities. It is sufficient and good for a person to eat 15 to 2- almonds, cashew and walnut over a week period.
Curd – Curd with low-fat content or no fat is rich in vitamins, protein, and Calcium. Further, curd contains bacteria which is good for health. A quantity of 3 to 4 cups of curd over a period of 1 week is sufficient for a person. However, please avoid adding sugar. Instead, you can add some cut fruits or berries in the curd and take.
Black plum or black grape (known as Jamun or `Naaval pazham’ in Tamil) – Black plum or ‘naval pazham’ is an essential ingredient in food items meant to be rich in fibre content. So, black plum is rich in fibre. It is also rich in anti-oxidants. This also helps reduce body weight and also prevents memory failure or forgetfulness. A person needs to take 3 cups of black plum over a period of 1 week.