How to avoid the lightning strike?

Whenever lightning occurs, it strikes the earth at the rate of 39 to 100 strikes per second. A very high temperature of up to 30000 Degrees Celsius ic created during these strikes. This affects all living organisms and also the electronic communication equipment.
Locations where lightning are likely to strike
  • Field mounds, high-rise buildings, and huts
  • Unprotected electric cables/wires, metallic structures
  • Golf links, open field of large area
  • Mountain peaks
  • Airplanes
Don’t activities to be avoided during lighting strikes
  • Do not use electrical equipment such as the razor, hair dryer, etc.
  • Do not use telephone or cell phone
  • Do not use metallic items especially in the open areas.
  • Avoid using umbrellas with iron rods
How to protect from the lightning strike?
  • When the public is in an open space, select some safer places such as buildings, caves or low-lying areas. As lightning will strike tall trees, do not take shelter under them.
  • In case stranded among the trees in an open area, bind the legs (without the legs touching each other) with hands tightly and squat on the floor. Raise the ankles and squat so that the forelegs are in the lower lying space.
  • If the ears are closed with hands, it is possible to avoid the thunder sounds created by lightning.
  • Keep away from places where electric conductors or items which can catch fire are kept.
  • Keep away from 2 wheeler vehicles. Avoid touching iron handrails
  • Take shelter under bridges.
  • Avoid going near high towers carrying electric equipment. Keep a minimum distance of 50 ft away.
  • It is better to take shelter under the short trees in low-lying areas.


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