Romantic places in Chennai

Chennai is a city bustling with its traffic and human population. It comes lively with the several temples that line the city and the traditional aroma of their food. Chennai is also known for its cosmopolitan environment and the rich music culture. Romance lines the city in its tradition, culture and the nostalgia that surrounds it. Even in the summer heat of Chennai, you can feel the romance seeping into you.
Here is a list of romantic places in Chennai that are easy to find.
Marina Beach:

Chennai houses the largest beach in India, and it is the Marina Beach. The ocean is the best place that someone can feel the romance. The roaring sea lets you have a soothing day at the beach. A walk by the beach with loved ones can make them feel special. The beach is beautiful, and it has golden sand. One can easily enjoy a sunrise or a sunset by the beach and make their date special.
Besant Nagar Beach:

Couples may often need a place that is less crowded. The Besant Nagar Beach formerly called the Elliot’s is one such place. Couples can hang out as much as they want and no one will disturb them. They can also visit the temples and church or restaurants present in the area to amplify their date.
The Theosophical Society:
The Theosophical Society holds the green environment that can make anyone calm. The place is in the corner of Chennai and falls between the coast and the Adyar River. The place houses a 100 Acre area which gives anyone enough space to roam around. One can easily take their partner on a small picnic in the soothing and comfortable place.
Guindy National Park:
Keeping up with the theme of nature the Guindy National Park is a must visit place in Chennai. The place is full of greenery along with the animals that living in it. The place stands right in the middle of the city and is perfect for couples. Couples can visit the place between the time of 9 AM and 5:30 PM. The park has several paths and lanes which the couples can take. They can also have a seat in the grass and experience a day filled with nature’s aroma.
Semmozhi Poonga:
Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden that horticulture department of Chennai maintains. The park is beautiful and has enough spots for couples to sit and talk. They can be comfortable in the place, and crowds will never get in their way. The park stands in the Teynampet area of Chennai. The park is famous for the various gardens that it houses inside its 20 acres. This is a place to visit for people who are in love with greenery and wants to be one with it.
South India is famous for the backwaters and their boats. Muttukadu is a must visit place when anyone is there in Chennai. A boat ride down the backwater is memorable and gives a lifetime experience. It can be the couple’s version of Titanic without the drowning bit. It is a perfect romantic getaway as the cool winds of the water will keep couples refreshed.
Romance and culture have gels along the best here. Art and craft have depicted the romance throughout the history. Dakshinachitra is a place for couples who cherish the traditions and culture. The place stands along the East Coast Road and houses different aspects of art and architecture. There are handicraft stalls in the place where local artists portray their work. So couples who like art can definitely visit the place. It is also perfect to pick up some things to decorate the house because of the personal memories attached to it.
Kapaleeshwar temple:
Temples are an integral part of the culture of South India. They are calm and peaceful and soothe the soul. A couple that prays together connects with a strong bond of togetherness. So, on their visit to Chennai, they can visit the Kapaleeshwar temple which is a shrine for Lord Shiva. Apart from its connection to Hinduism, it is also a place noted for its architecture and history.
Parthasarathy temple:
The Parthasarathy temple dates back to the 8th Century and is a shrine for various forms of Vishnu. The temple also holds a place in the Tamil Literature and commemorates Krishna as the charioteer. The main forms of Vishnu worshiped in the temple are Rama, Krishna, and Gajendra Varadaraja. A couple can walk barefoot in the temple premises to take in its peace and calmness. They can easily sit in the temples and think about themselves.
Covelong beach:

Beach destinations are a huge part of Chennai. So couples who love to experience the sea to its totality is always welcome to the Covelong beach. It is also a place famous for surfing. So if couples would like to enjoy water sports, then this is a must visit place for them. They should surely pack an extra pair of clothes as not getting into the sea doesn’t count as an option. There are other destinations around the beach that one can look forward to. Among them are the Crocodile Park and several forts and temples.
Kishkinta theme park:
There are several amusement parks that a couple can choose from. One of them is the Kishkinta theme park near the Valandur Railway station. It is famous for its water rides and spreads in 120 acres of area. The park can be fun for the couples asas they can have a day of happiness and fun.
VGP Universal Kingdom:

The VGP Universal Kingdom is one of the most talked about an amusement park in Chennai. It has the best placement so that people can enjoy their day of entertainment. Couples can easily spend their day on the rides. There are other several destinations that the park has for their visitors. The rides are also international grade which makes it fun for the couple.