Strict regulations to issue driving licence

The state government of Tamil Nadu has imposed a stringent order to the RTOs (Road Transport Officers) that they must strictly monitor and follow the procedures not to issue driving licence to those who are not well aware of the traffic rules and regulations.
There is a trend of increasing number of accidents every year in Tamil Nadu.
There were over 60000 accidents in 2017 in Tamil Nadu. More than 17000 persons died in those accidents.
Out of the above, 25393 accidents involved 2-wheelers. Over 4600 persons died.
It has been established that traffic violations such as loss of concentration while driving, drunken driving, and driving without helmet, etc., caused most accidents.
Hence, the state government of Tamil Nadu has initiated several legal steps to reduce this.
As a measure in this initiative, the state government of Tamil Nadu has imposed a new restriction. The RTOs explained regarding this:
‘Closely monitor and check whether the applicants for driving licence drive properly. Test on a stringent basis whether the applicant is aware of all the traffic rules and regulations and the violations. Issue the driving licence on a strict basis only if the above conditions are properly checked and found ok. Otherwise, reject the application. Do not heed any recommendations.
RTOs must strictly adhere to the above instructions. Thus, henceforth, driving licence will be issued only to the proper candidates passing the above instructions. Do not go by the recommendations of the brokers and get cheated.’