These unknown reasons for getting back pain would surprise us

There are many who do desk based work etc and there are many who are physically inactive without doing any exercise. These people would get back pain more than the others. It must be taken into account that disc disease plus others like spinal arthritis and muscular spasms are the three major causes for lower back pain in us. It is known that back pain could be acute, sub-acute and chronic. From the muscles, bones, nerves, joints etc back pain could originate.
There are some unknown causes for getting back pain and these are
Due to smoking:
It is well known that smoking causes cancer plus other various health issues in us. Smokers have back pain more when compared to the non-smokers. Degeneration of spine is more present in the people who smoke. It must be noted that the weakening of the disc is termed as degeneration of the disc. Smoking accelerates this degeneration of disc i and as a result there would be severe back pain.
Due to stress:
This is also one surprising cause for back pain in many. It is said that stressing too much could tense back muscles and it could trigger lower back pain in us. This pain might get worsened with the passage of time. A vicious circle is created by the stress and lower back pain and causes lower back muscles to stretch and pain.
During or after cycling:
There are many who do cycling and the lower back pain could happen during cycling or after cycling. Many factors such as poor form of the cycle, improper bike set up and over usage of muscles during cycling etc could lead to lower back pain in us. It is important that by being not too hard on oneself and by doing few stretching exercises this issue of back pain could be avoided.
Due to obesity:
Obesity could cause many health issues is known. This obesity could also be responsible for severe back pain in us. The design of spine is such that it could carry the body weight and could distribute the weight evenly throughout the body. The spine has to work harder to take on the extra weight of the body when a person is overweight or obese.  In the end the spine gets damaged and back pain occurs.
Unequal lengths of legs:
Many of us have legs of equal lengths. It is important to note that people having difference in their leg lengths could get back pain in them. Even a little difference of 5mm in the length of the legs could make person get back pain and pain would be present in the back on the side of the longer leg. This back pain could be treated effectively by putting ‘lifts’ in the shoe of shorter side of the leg.
Due to injuries to ligaments:
People could also get back pain due to muscle or ligament injuries linked to back muscles.  It is said that the pain spreads more around spine and back muscles resulting in severe back pain.